ITPP certification from Metier OEC and PROMIS is operated by Metier OEC and PROMIS.

Metier OEC has over 30 years of experience working with projects and project-oriented businesses. Metier OEC delivers training through Metier Academy which is one of the leading global providers of tailored corporate project improvement and project management training programs. In Metier Academy, the main focus is to create real value for clients through modern, efficient and professional training programs.

PROMIS is an independent consulting company, based in Norway. PROMIS delivers consultancy services related to project management, procurement , contracting processes and quality assurance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects.

Some of our customers with training in project management from Metier OEC:


Metier has strategic alliances with leading educational institutions and is accredited by all international standards in project management.

Are there more employees in your business who wants to get certified?

We can develop a customized certification plan for larger groups, projects or businesses.

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