ITPP certification

ITPP provides the benefits of the Agile delivery model, while maximizing on the strengths of best practice Project Management. The certified IT Project Professional will have a better understanding of how IT-projects should be planned, managed and controlled, and how agile principles can be used to empower   the business-, user- and supplier interests in the project.

To certify successful managers of IT projects, a new concept has been developed. Originating in Agile methodology it combines this with well-established best practice Project Management methodologies, mainly PRINCE2®. These practices are complementary and represent a complete project management suite tailored to IT development projects.

Certification plan

The certification plan consists of e-learning courses and self study of papers and presentations and a finishing exam.




By clicking on the tabs below you will be able to read more about each part.

PRINCE2 Foundation (e-learning)

PRINCE2 Foundation is provided as e-learning with a subsequent exam. The E-learning course consists of 15 lessons, each taking approximately one hour  You will be given access to the Metier e-learning portal and can run the course on any computer using Internet Explorer, Firefox/Chrome or Safari. You will also be given the PRINCE2 book, “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2™”.

PRINCE2 Foundation gives you:

  • A thorough understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology
  • Good examples, checklists, pitfalls, practical cases and test that support effective learning
  • An overview of the PRINCE2 themes, processes and roles
  • The flexibility to study when and where you want

The exam is multiple choice and lasts one hour. You take the exam in one of our exam centers.

After the exam you will:

  • Have an excellent understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology and principles
  • Understand the relationship between the processes and themes of PRINCE2
  • Understand how to use the methodology in practice
Agile project management (e-learning + self study)

After completing PRINCE2 Foundation (or in parallel), you go through an e-learning course of 11 lessons, and a self study of paper and presentations on agile project management and the relationship between PRINCE2 and agile. The self study covers the following topics.

Introduction to Agile:

  • Motivations for Agile Development
  • The characteristics of Agile methods
  • Agile from a customer perspective
  • The motive for combinating PRINCE2® and Agile
  • An overview of Agile roles, artefacts and ceremonies

Focus on products and value

  • How to make a good Product Breakdown Structure
  • Epics and User Stories
  • Connections between Business Case, business objectives and prioritization
  • How to ensure continuous prioritization

Agile organization

  • The need for organization and investment in the Agile Project on the customer side
  • The Product Owner Role
  • How to enable the self-organisation of teams
  • The new Agile Project Manager Role

Release planning and flow

  • The execution model of an agile project
  • The role of Architecture in Agile
  • Rolling Wave planning
  • The importance of ‘flow’

Control gates, progress and learning

  • The meaning of control gates and approval along the way
  • The definition of done
  • Acceptance test driven development
  • Follow-up of iterations using earned value
  • Continuous learning and improvement
Agile contracts and estimation (e-learning + self study)

After completing part 1 of the e-learning and self study you continue with a second set of e-learning lessons and a self study focused on agile contracts and estimation. Both themes at the very front of today`s state-of-the-art in agile project management.

The e-learning and self study cover the following themes:

Benefit Management

  • Cost estimation
  • Benefit estimation
  • Managing by benefits and costs
  • Timeline
  • Risk
  • Realising benefits

Agile contracting

  • Why use contracts in an Agile project
  • How to use contracts to manage an Agile project
  • The use of capacity contracts
  • Risk and price models – target price contracts

Each theme is highlighted using exercises, you are for example given the opportunity to try out a benefit estimation tool.


At the end of the course, you may take the certification exam:

  • Contact our exam coordinator to schedule the exam
  • The exam consists of 100 multiple choice answers, and is to be answered in 1 h 30 mins
  • Closed book exam, no aides allowed
  • The exam is online and can be taken in the location you choose, using your own computer

After finishing the certification, you will:

  • Be sertified as an IT Project Professional
  • Have a good basis for implementing project management in large IT development projects
  • Have a good knowledge of agile project management, principles, concepts and methodology
  • Have a good understanding of typical success criteria and pitfalls in agile IT development projects, including those that have a contract based customer/supplier relationship

The certification provides you with 46 PDU if you are a PMP certified from Project Management Institute.


IT Project Professional requires a PRINCE2 Foundation certification. If you're already PRINCE2 Foundation certified, please select the option to enroll without PRINCE2: